Center of Testing Machine in Indonesia

In two days, 16-17 August 2017, two engineers of PT Sucaco Tbk., ie: Mr Ficky Adrianus and Mr Arief Wibowo, along with Mr Frans Petrus of PT Ostenco visiting Hung Ta factory in Taichung.

They inspect a Testing Machine for High Tension Power Cable for breaking load and stress-strain test refer to IEC-61089.

The model is HT8296 Computer Servo Hydraulic Horizontal Tensile Machine. It has capacity of load 500kN with total length 20m, equipped with two-point elongation to measure strain on material, cone grips for breaking test and pin holder system for stress strain test.


Checking all parts in details and conducting some test to get results are main agenda of visiting Hung Ta by customer.

They find this valuable moment  to have experience how the machine works and learn about software.

Hung Ta and Ostenco thankful to PT Sucaco Tbk for the trust on our testing machines (more than 7 units installed at Sucaco factories) in controlling quality of wire, cables and fiber optic.